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Hamilton Wrist Watch Repair

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"I do not know how you do it, but this 91 year old watch keeps perfect time. I set it with an iPhone as my benchmark. One week later it is still on track - has not lost or gained anytime at all. Thank you again for taking great care of my Hamilton. Man, you are good."

The Hamilton watch company like other watch manufacturers in America and Europe came about making mechanical wrist watches mid-way through the lifespan of their commercial endeavors. Pocket watches dominated Hamilton's production until in the early 1920's, when the Hamilton wrist watch enjoyed sudden and sustained popularity. The convenience of having a Hamilton watch on the wrist and enjoying the accuracy most associated with a Hamilton pocket watch was enticing. With exception of the WWII era, every year, new Hamilton models for ladies and gents were designed, marketed and enjoyed by the public. Many of these Hamilton wristwatches from these late 1920's to late 1930's are very collectible, rare and sought after. These include: the Hamilton Brooke, the Hamilton Cambridge, Hamilton Captain Rice, Hamilton Coronado, Hamilton Ericsson, the Hamilton Flintridge, the Hamilton Glendale, the Hamilton Langley, the Hamilton Meadowbrook, the Hamilton Oakmont, Hamilton Pinehurst, and the Hamilton Piping Rock.
 watch dial refiningshing
Your Hamilton wrist watch deserves the finest care possible. Hamilton wrist watch repair and Hamilton wrist watch restoration is my specialty. I've successfully undertaken hundreds of Hamilton watch repairs over the decade have created this page specifically to help you learn more about your Hamilton wrist watch and my specialty: vintage Hamilton wrist watch servicing and restoration. Please enjoy this page including a few Hamilton watches that I've restored over the recent years and then visit my wrist watch repair page to learn more about the next steps in having your Hamilton wrist watch serviced with the care it deserves:

Hamilton Wrist Watch Serial Numbers / Dates:

1918 - 1,500,000
1919 - 1,600,000
1920 - 1,700,000
1921 - 1,800,000
1922 - 1,900,000
1923 - 2,000,000
1924 - 2,050,000
1925 - 2,100,000
1926 - 2,150,000
1927 - 2,200,000
1928 - 2,250,000
1929 - 2,300,000
1930 - 2,350,000
1931 - 2,400,000
1932 - 2,440,000
1933 - 2,480,000
1934 - 2,520,000
1935 - 2,560,000
1936 - 2,600,000
1937 - 2,900,000
1938 - 3,200,000
1939 - 3,400,000
1940 - 4,000,000
1941 - 4,250,000
1942 - 4,500,000

Hamilton wrist watch production dates / movement serial numbers- after WWII become become difficult to accurately determine. Other methods to date your Hamilton wrist watch can prove to be effective.

Hamilton wrist watches came in a wide variety of models and inner works - called movements. These movements used in the Lancaster Pennsylvania made Hamilton wrist watches were: Hamilton 986, 6/0 17 jewel Hamilton 987 17J Hamilton 987A 17 jewel Hamilton 987S, 6/0 17 jewel Hamilton 747 17J Hamilton 980 14/0 17 jewel Hamilton 982, 14/0 19 jewel Hamilton 982m 19J Hamilton 989 18/0 size 17 jewel Hamilton 997, 20/0 17 jewel Hamilton 721 17J Hamilton 995 21/0 size 17 jewel Hamilton 911, 22/0 17 jewel Hamilton 911m 17J

Hamilton wrist watches are known for their external beauty, their internal refinement and are respected by the watchmakers who service them - and the collectors that prize them. The exactness of their internal parts assist in their repair and effective parts replacement. This means that any Hamilton wrist watch is a suitable candidate for repair and servicing. Including yours.

A few of the Hamilton models that I support the repair of are:
Ladies models:
the Trudy, the Portia, the Nightingale, the Newcomb, the Mayfield, the Maritza, the Linden Hall, the Glenwood, the Eugenie, the Edgewood, the Drexel, the Diane, the Chevy Chase C, the Chevy Chase B, the Chevy Chase A, the Cedarcrest, the Caroline, the Briarclife, the Byn Mawr, the Bianca

Gents models:
Lord Lancaster models, the Hamilton mystery dial, the various Hamilton diamond dial watches, the Chronomatic, the Aqua-date, the Oval, the Barrel, the Raleigh, the Square series, the Cut corner, Tonneau, Cushion, Thin-o-matic line, the Thin- line models, Accumatic, Vernon, Valiant, Vardon, Tyrone, Tuxedo II, Touraine, Transcontinental A, Todd, Tildon, Thor, Taylor, Talboty, Sutton, Surf, Stuart, the Stormking line, Staunton, Stanley, Stanford, Steeldon, Stafford, Spencer, Sloane, Sir Echo, Sidney, Sinclair, Sheryll, Sherwood, Sheldon, Seville, Sentinel Sedgman, Sectometer, Secron, Seaview, Sea-skip, Sea-scout, Sea-scape, Sea Rover, Sea Ranger, Sea-mate, Sea-guard, Sea-glo, Sea-crest, Sea Cliff, Sea cap, Seabrook, sea Breeze, Scott, Sawyer, Samson, Ryan, Rutledge, Russell, Ross, Romanesque, Roland, Rodney, Roland, Robert, Richmond, Reardon, Reagan, Raymon, Randolph, Ramsey, Releigh, Radburn, Putnam, Prescott, Prentice, Powell, Pierre, Peyton, Perry, Paxton, Parker B, Paige, Pacermatic, Orson, Norton, Norfolk, Norman, Norde, Newton, Nelson, Neil, Newlin, Myron, Murray, Mount Vernon, Morton, Morley, Montclair, Milton, Midas, Merritt, Medford, Mason Martin, Malcom, Lyndon, Lyle B Lowell, Livingston, Linwood, Lindsay, LIncrest, Lester, Lee, Lawrence, Langford, Lang, Landon, Lance, Lamert, Lakeland, Kirk, Kirby, Kinematic, Khyber, Kevin, Keith, Keane, Judson, Jeffrey, Jason, Howard, Huntley, Holden, Heyward, Hayden, Hassings, Hartman, Harris, Halesworth B, Guardsman, Grover, Grenadier, Greenwich, Grand Gramercy,Gordon Golden Tempus, Glenn Curtis, Glenn, Glendon, Glendale, Gladasone, Gilman, Gilbert, Gary, Gardner, Fulton, Franklin, Foster, Flintridge, Flight II, Flight I Fleetwood, First Mate, Farrell, Essex, Errol, Emerson, Eric, Emery, Elliott, Edgemere, Eaton, Dyson, Dwight, Dunkirk, Dunhan, Drummond, Drew, Drake, Doublet, Dorsey, Donavan Donald, Dodson, Dixon, Dickens, Dexter, Dewitt, Dennis, Deauville, Dean, Dawson, Darrell, Cyril, Custer, Cutiss, Cullen, Croydon, Cross Country, Crispin, Cranston, Craig, Courtney, Corvet, Cordell, Conway Contour, Dolby, coburn, Clyde, Clinton, Clearview, Clark, Chatham Chapman Chanticleer, Chadwick, Cedrick, Casino, Carteret, Carlton, Carson Carlisle, Carl, Cameron, Calvin, Cadet, Cabot, Byrd, Brockton, Brock, Brewster, Brent, Brandon, Bradford, Boyd, Bowman, Boulton Boone, Boatswain, Blake, Blair, Blade, Berkshire, Benton, Bentley, Beldon, Baxter, Baton, Barton, Bartley, Barry,Baron Barbizon Bailey, Bagley, Austin, Attache, Ashley, Arnold, Ardmore, Auqaline, Ansley, Andrews, Amherst, Allison, Aldrich, Alan, Adrian

These above Hamilton wrist watch models were initially made so well, that I'm very confident that us working together will result in your Hamilton being a beautiful and faithful timepiece once again. Learn more about my mechanical wrist watch repair services:

Hamilton Custer 1936 Hamilton Custer 1936
Hamilton cut corner 1927 Hamilton cut corner 1927
Hamilton diamond dial auto 1963 Hamilton diamond dial auto 1963
Hamilton Donald 1941 Hamilton Donald 1941
Hamilton Fleetwood 1949 Hamilton Fleetwood 1949
Hamilton Gilbert 1941 Hamilton Gilbert 1941
Hamilton Kirk 1949 Hamilton Kirk 1949
Hamilton Linwood 1937 Hamilton Linwood 1937
Hamilton military 1942 Hamilton military 1942
Hamilton military 1943 Hamilton military 1943
Hamilton Montclair 1961 Hamilton Montclair 1961
Hamilton Myron 1941 Hamilton Myron 1941
Hamilton Piping Rock 1948 Hamilton Piping Rock 1948
Hamilton Prentice 1959 Hamilton Prentice 1959
Hamilton Seckron doctors watch 1935 Hamilton Seckron doctors watch 1935
Hamilton Sutton 1957 Hamilton Sutton 1957
Hamilton Thin O matic 1961 Hamilton Thin O matic 1961
Hamilton Thin-O-matic 1962 Hamilton Thin-O-matic 1962
Hamilton Thin-Omatic calendar 1962 Hamilton Thin-Omatic calendar 1962
Hamilton Wilshire 1941 Hamilton Wilshire 1941
Illinois Debonair model E 1953 Illinois Debonair model E 1953

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