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Shipping Instructions

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Shipping Instructions

Your concern about sending a family heirloom to a repair service you just became aware of on the internet, isn't lost on us. We understand the handling of customers irreplaceable family artifacts and have been doing so, successfully since 1987.

Our goal is to breath life back into these cherished timepieces and return them functioning as near they did the day they left the factory, for a fair price and in a timely manner. Our second goal is to earn your return business, and that of your friends.

As is needed, I will give you an update on the restoration of your watch and will again contact you upon completion. At that time you will receive high quality technical photos of your restored watch and it's movement. I'll then submit a final bill to be paid by check or money order. Your watch will be on its way, insured, restored and packaged safely.

Packaging Instructions

When I authorize you to send me your watch for restoration please consider the following below items for the safe, accountable and timely shipment.
  1. I will gladly accept for repair, mechanical watches from customers who have an American or Canadian address ONLY. Please don't send me your watch without first discussing it's repair with me and gaining authorization for it's servicing.
  2. Please don't ship the watch to be fixed in an original or otherwise valuable display box. Please package your watch smartly in bubble wrap and packing peanuts in an appropriate sized card board box. Any extra effort on your part to safeguard your family heirloom while being packed for shipment is prudent and very appreciated. When packaging your watch in bubble wrap, consider avoiding the use of excess tape. Rubber bands are just as efficient and don't create such a challenge upon opening. Returning watches are packaged with the same utmost care. Your restored watch will be carefully packaged in a new presentation quality gift box for it's safe trip home. I am dedicated to providing the most healing care imaginable for your watch. Join me in this respectful process of bringing it back to life by giving it the love it deserves on the first part of it's journey... a safe visit to the watch healer.
  3. Please include all contact information with your carefully packaged watch, to include name, street address, phone number and most importantly, your e-mail address.
  4. United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S) is the exclusive method I use for receiving and returning watches from my valued customers. I've found this to be the safest method of shipping irreplaceable family heirlooms. There are two very reliable and secure services that are appropriate for the shipment of your valued watch:

    1. The most secure service available is the U.S. Postal Service's Registered Mail. Items sent via Registered Mail are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to point of delivery. A signature trail accompanies your watches travel start to finish. All verified and easily tracked at The only special packaging consideration for items sent via Registered Mail is that all exterior tape appearing on your package is to be of a paper type with the water activated sticky glue backing. This paper packing tape is visibly and legally tamper proof. No plastic tape of any sort is accepted by the U.S.P.S for Registered mail service. As a result of using this service, your carefully packaged watch now has the most respected delivery service available. The Hope Diamond was sent this way. Paper tape can be found at most office products stores. Interestingly, drywall tape is accepted. Huge insurance is cheap with this slower-safer service. $2k insurance for $11.55. $8k insurance for $16.55.Prices vary. Ask your friendly postal clerk for this simple Registered Mail form at the window. Once your watch has been properly packaged and addressed to me.
    2. The second best way for you to send me your watch is by using the U.S.P.S. Priority Mail service, with the added services of Signature Confirmation and Insurance. Paper tape is not a requirement of the Priority Mail service. U.S.P.S. Priority mail typically will reach it's final destination with in 3 to 4 working days. Your package is easily tracked while in transit on Upon signing for your watch when it arrives here in Portland, I'll contact you immediately informing you of such and again in 24 hours with my analysis of the project.

  5. (see bottom of page), simply take it to a USPS window clerk. They'll take it from there. When your heirloom watch arrives, I'll contact you immediately upon signing for it. 24 hrs later, I'll contact you again with my impressions of the project. I'm selective of the watches that I accept for restoration. This allows me to assure my customers immediate care upon arrival for their valued timepiece.

I exclusively use my post office box for receiving and returning my customers watches. This ensures us that upon delivery here in Portland, it will stay put until I personally retrieve it from under lock and key at the post office. No postal letter carrier will attempt to deliver your package. This is a purposeful step on my part to limit any unnecessary handling of your packaged family artifact. I don't accept or sent any items via FedEx, Airborne, UPS. Only the U.S. Postal Service. Thanks for your understanding.

I welcome any and all of your questions and concerns regarding the safe shipment of your watch for the purposes of it's restoration. Please visit for any clarification of Registered and Priority mail services.

Unparalleled care is the standard for the restoration of your watch. It's shipment demands nothing less.

Contact Watch Repair Services

Due to unavoidable Spam, and for efficiency purposes, I won't review a e-mail correspondences that either have no subject matter, or a subject matter that isn't clearly watch related.

A detailed inquiry results in a detailed response.

Please include any and all information about your timepiece that may help me shape as accurate and considerate reply as possible. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Any known repair history, successful or not
  • Any glaring physical problems, missing pieces, etc.
  • Any problematic performance
  • Any known accidents that lead to it's stoppage, etc.


It may be of great help for me to review a digital photo of your antique watch for purposes of diagnosing it's model and repair potential. If you have the ability to send a photo along, please consider the following:
  • Use a close focus setting on your digital camera
  • A supplemental light source such as a flashlight may be helpful
  • Crop any useful portion of the photo such as the desk top
  • Limit the ultimate size of your photo to under 200K.
Feel free to contact me at: Contact

Terry Nelson - watchmaker
PO BOX 1074

My watch repair, restoration services are guaranteed, insured, exacting and prompt. Only rub is that I specialize. I'm not out to work on the most watches, only the best. Many of the vintage watches I restore are already 70 years old. Standard service typically won't bring good results. Most of them are broken and in need of restoration. My restoration service includes any and all replacement parts that are necessary to guarantee the results of my work. Typically most of my work is completed and returned to you within two weeks.

My service is not designed for the person who needs shopping mall type routine watch service such as band sizing, hand replacement, etc. I specialize in the complete restoration of high quality Swiss and American wrist and pocket watches.

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Meet the Watchmaker
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