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From Kos:
The Johnson / Bonner American Waltham watch arrived this afternoon and it is beyond words in its mechanical beauty! Thank you so very much for restoring this family heirloom to its original splendor.

From Bruce:
Thank you so much. To wind the watch was a tearful moment for me. Thank you for your restoration and servicing of my grandfather’s watch. I’m not sure what to add except I remain deeply grateful for your abilities and attitude towards your work. You truly are an outstanding human. Thanks again! Warm Regards

From Susie:
I want you to know how much we are enjoying the timepiece!!! I wind it to your specifications everyday, and position it upright and flat for 12 hours, and it is keeping PERFECT time!!! Thank you SO MUCH for bringing it back to life!! We may have another timepiece for you to restore. Once I have info on it I will let you know. Keep up the great work!!!

From Don:
Just received my watch back today. I’m totally blown away, looks like new. You did an awesome job and I can’t thank you enough for erasing 50 years of neglect on my part. Looking forward to passing my beautiful heirloom to my son. Again, thank you so much.

From Douglas:
Received my watch today. Absolutely amazing the transformation. You are an artist. Can't thank you enough, if you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to ask. Great communication, outstanding service, candid advice. Respectful and greatful

From Jack:
Happy New Year! As you can see for the e-mail thread I received my refurbished Hampden watch in early November. I am pleased to report that its’ performance is exceeding my expectations. For the last 30 days (since the last time I forgot to wind the watch) it has not gained or lost a minute. I find that amazing. You restoration was awesome and I would highly recommend your watch repair services.

From Gena:
Just wanted you to know - I couldn't wait to give the watch to my dad for Christmas - I mean the guy's 85.... He cried. He's not like that. Thank you

From Frank:
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Grandfather’s pocket watch this afternoon. It is simply beautiful! You did an amazing job on bringing this family Heirloom back to life. Thank you so much for your time, consideration and above all, your professionalism. Hope to cross paths with you again in the future.

rom James:
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Grandfather’s pocket watch this afternoon. It is simply beautiful! You did an amazing job on bringing this family Heirloom back to life. Thank you so much for your time, consideration and above all, your professionalism. Hope to cross paths with you again in the future.

From John:
Just opened the box. I am at a complete loss for words. Your efforts have revived my most precious possession. Ready for generations to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

From Brent:
Worked perfectly, Terry. I was being overly cautious with it. Thanks for the advice. Wanted to mention that your website info is mighty awesome. Lots to peruse and appreciate. We want to leave this watch to our son one day, and I plan to print some of the cool historical info on the watch and Hamilton to help capture the full picture for him - in addition to this being his great grandfather's watch that was acquired by his grandfather who served in the navy in WWII (..gave it to his future father in law after the war ended). Very nice to see something that's been dead in a drawer for over half a century come to life. We appreciate your work and help accomplishing this.

From Lillian & Paul:
Lillian & I just retrieved the watch from the PO. It is beyond out expectations! Checked the winding and setting instructions on the Elgin website, executed, and loved seeing it back in action. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience. I hope to initiate another project with my grandfathers' watch (in much better observable condition). You may get a contact from my sister in Spokane in the near future. Thanks again

From Chuck:
Just got my watch back this afternoon. You did an incredible job. I’m glad you were able to remove the discoloration on the parts. Looking at the back now it almost keeps you from turning it over to see the time. Several companies refused to take on the task, I’m glad they didn’t attempt it as your work is beyond believable. I have several railroad watches and a wrist watch that is interesting. Again many thanks for a wonderful restoration.

From Gene:
I wanted to let you know that I received my watch yesterday and It looks absolutely amazing! It’s been running since I first wound it and keeping time well. Thank you so much for the work you do. I’ll be in touch f I ever come across another needing repair and I’ll spread the word.

From Donna:
I received my pocket watch today and it is beautiful. Thank you for giving it new life. It takes skill and dedication to restore an old pocket watch to a work of art that will bring a treasured history to future generations. With gratitude

From Mark:
I"m speechless on how great my Grandfathers watch came out. A true master piece my Dad would have been proud of the workmanship. Thanks again

From Pat:
just received it...truly spectacular work...I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD RESTORE THIS TO THIS STANDARD...that shine knocked me out...i've been around it all my life and i've never heard it tick...when i wind it do i wind back and forth or one way...any guess what it is worth...i'm thrilled to pieces and i think grandpa joe mack is too...thank you sir for this wonderful work and service.

From Karl:
I do not know how you do it but this 91 year old watch keeps perfect time.  I set it with an iPhone as my benchmark.  One week later it is still on track - has not lost or gained anytime at all.  Thank you again for taking great care of my Hamilton.  I still can’t believe it but the watch is 91 years old and still keeps time on a level with a new iPhone.  Man you are good.

From Charles:
The watch arrived today. It just looks great. Thank you so much for restoring it. I don’t know where else I could have found someone to do what you have done to keep a family heirloom intact and going. You provide a service that is valuable beyond words. I will always remember what you have done when I am wearing my fathers watch. 

From Mike:

Great Grandpa's watch has arrived. It looks and operates like it just came from the factory. Thank you for the terrific job. I see that you even did the body work on the back of the case where there was a small dimple. Will meet dad tomorrow for coffee he is 91 and still chugging along like a 4-8-8-4 Locomotive! Will show him his grandfather's watch. He will light up like a kid when he sees how great the Hamilton looks. The mineral glass crystal on the face makes a world of difference. Have wound it today and will monitor the gain or loos over 24 hours.  

Rest assured that it shall be treated as a valued and respected link to a day gone by. Holding that watch, I can see in my memories Great Grandpa and Grandpa, ( both were railroaders on the D&H line) comparing their time pieces and the time the engine blew for the crossing.  Again, My deepest thanks for a piece of my life gone by. Semper Fidelis.

From Roger:

 I wanted to send you this quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the amazing customer service I have received on the restoration of my 1922 Illinois Bunn Special. From the very first email you sent back to me assuring me my watch would be in excellent hands. You also suggested the safest way to ship it to you. Within one hour of the tracking number stating my watch was delivered to you, you sent me an email letting me know of the safe arrival and you also gave me a estimate on what it would cost to fully restore my beautiful watch. A little over a week later you sent me an email stating the watch was finished. You provided me with extremely detailed instructions on how to pay you through PayPal. You also sent me pictures of my restored watch. I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful the watch looked. After me sending payment through PayPal. You had my watch on the way back to me within a couple of hours. When I received my watch it was packed amazingly well. It was even more amazing than the pictures. I absolutely cannot believe that a 95-year-old watch is now more accurate than all of my modern Swiss and Japanese movements. Probably less than 15 seconds lost in 24 hours. I also wanted to tell you that this watch has been serviced by a couple of watchmakers since I have owned the watch. After coming back from these other watchmakers the watch was not accurate at all. It would always lose or gain about four minutes in 24 hours. It is amazing to have a 95-year-old watch to only lose only 15 seconds in 24 hours. I want to thank you so very much for your amazing customer service and watch repair skills.

From John:

The watch just arrived 5 minutes ago. To say that the watch is stunning is an understatement. Absolutely magnificent job rebuilding my grandfathers 1897 old Elgin watch. Looks awesome, thank you!!!

From Rusty:

Exactly what I wanted and hoped for — restored with respect and appreciation for the vintage heirloom that it is. It’s a living, tangible connection to my dad that I get to wear every day, just like he did. I love that the watch looks as though it’s been carefully maintained through the years, rather than made to look showcase new. I love how the case takes on a different look, a different color even, depending on the light. I love the starburst dial and how it adds an air of elegance to the minimalist markers and hands. I love the juxtaposition of the different typefaces of the branding on the dial. I love that the mechanisms have been restored, repaired or replaced and the watch is a reliable working timepiece that I can wear every day.

And I have you to thank for all that, Terry. I looked for someone in Houston first, but I just didn’t get a good vibe from what I was reading and seeing. I looked a little broader and found your website. Hallelujah. I could just tell that you were competent if not masterful and that you love what you do and most importantly that you seem to respect and appreciate the pieces not just for the precision instruments that they are but what they mean to some of us who own them. I found the vibe I was looking for and that’s why I shipped my watch halfway across the country, to Portland, Oregon, to be restored. The result is spectacular. Thanks for reading and know that I’m thrilled with my watch.

From Chris:

Just a note to let you know the watch arrived in good condition today.  You did an excellent job and I’m very pleased and am enjoying my restored watch.  Thank you for your excellent work. I have more pocket watches for repair and will be in touch. I appreciate the care you took with my heirloom.

From Brett:

My mother received the package of the watch this past weekend and got it to me. Your work was tremendous, and our family is so happy to have this watch restored. It is a priceless heirloom for us. And it keeps excellent time too! Thanks for all you did for my grandfather’s watch.

From Matt:

I wanted to get back to you and warmly thank you for the beautiful work you accomplished on my Waltham pocket watch.  The watch runs and looks great!  Even the small dent in the case is gone... well done sir!!  I carry my watch with great pride and admiration!

From John:

The watch arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape. It's back in its display stand ticking happily away.  Now I can rest easy knowing that my grandkids won't be saying "oh look, Grandpa left us a broken watch". Thanks again for your services.

From Roger:

Many thanks, Terry. You restored my Hamilton wristwatch to perhaps better-than-new condition. It not only looks clean and showroom shiny, but Amtrak could set its train schedules by it.

  This is the second watch that you have restored for me and your skills as a watchmaker are matched by your professionalism, impeccable customer service, and gentlemanly manner.

In these times of global uncertainty, few things remain rock-steady and inviolable. Terry, your skills and talent are certainly on my list in that vaunted category. 11/10 stars! May you and yours live long and prosper.

From Gould:

Thanks to your work my grandfather’s Gruen is fantastic once again! It is such a joy to wear and it is keeping perfect time against my Rolex. This watch was just sitting in a junk drawer for years. I wish I had found your company sooner. It is once again an heirloom timepiece I can one day pass on to my son.

From Joe:

Been carrying the watch everyday and it runs great.  Very accurate keeping time!!  Just wanted to share some pics of my grandfather who carried this watch.  I am now thinking it was a wedding gift since the watch was made in 1929 and he and my grandmother were married that year.  I cannot tell you how much it means to have this running and to be able to carry it! Thanks again!! 

From Jeff:

Received my pocket watch today and am well pleased with your craftsmanship and the obvious care this timepiece received under your expert hands. Thank you so much... the watch looks like it is "brand new" yet it was made in 1885!  Incredible! I'm very pleased indeed. Thank you so much. 

From Alex:

This email is long overdue, I just wanted to thank you for restoring my Great Grandfathers work watch. When I presented the watch to my mother, she was so incredibly touched, and happy to see it restored and working. My pocket now is proudly displayed in a little glass dome on my night stand. It's by far one of my favorite pieces to show people to strike a conversation about my family. Just wanted to share my gratitude. 

From Todd:

I picked up the watch yesterday. OH-MY-GOSH! The restoration of my Dad's watch far exceeded my expectations! It is gorgeous. It looks like new. I will enjoy wearing the watch and eventually pass it on to my son.  

From Tim:

I received my time piece today! I must say you did a magnificent job. It's hard for to put into words what it means for me to have this valued family heirloom back and functioning properly. Thank you so much! Until next time all my thanks!  

From Hayward:

Hey Terry, I’m in receipt of my lovely watch. In short, I love it! It fits perfectly and runs great. You are an artist. I admire people that have skills like yours, I find it interesting and can imagine you love what you do. I now have my own “Watch Guy”. You’ll be the only person I consider if I ever purchase a vintage watch. Thanks again and best regards

From Lenny:

Terry, Watch arrived. Magnificent! Good choice on band; the original was deficient. It is an amazing little time piece. I can't believe it feels so natural on my wrist after 49 years but it does. Thank you for undertaking this old watch and bringing it back to life. Do you do routine service on 2 year old Longines Flagship automatic? Many thanks

From Mark:

Terry: I received the watch today and it looks marvelous. I am amazed at how you were able to bring this timepiece back to life from its deplorable condition. I cannot wait to show it to my family over the upcoming holidays. Thank you again for your excellent work.

From Neil:

Dear Terry, I hope this email message finds you well.

I'm very happy to tell you that the eagle has landed! My friends have now returned from the US and with them, the old Elgin wristwatch.

Words fail me - suffice to say I was bowled over - it's absolutely fabulous - even better than I'd dared hope. And replete with a lovely new leather strap and even in a beautiful presentation box! What can I say?

Firstly, it looks amazing, it really does. The slightly yellowed crystal is absolutely perfect and by way of a bonus, more transparent wearing far fewer scratches than the original - how nice! Also, the winding mechanism is sooooooooooooo smooth compared with the original watch - wow, what a joy to own and use.

But as you're well aware, this beautifully restored living breathing timepiece is not for me: I will be gifting the old man the watch on 27th October so I'll be in touch again to tell you how that goes. I suspect he'll be a bit shocked, maybe even a bit emotional given the significance of the original watch but I'm predicting that he too will be bowled over. One thing's for sure Terry, he'll be under strict instruction NEVER to make the mistake of leaving it in his car again.

Thank you again for your part in this project Terry, for your time and effort, for your craftsmanship and not forgetting your agreeing to work with a client based outside of the US mainland. I'll be back in touch with the final verdict in due course. All the very best to you.

From Neil again:

Dear Terry. I don't think I can ever recall seeing an expression like that on the old man's face. Confusion, surprise, joy, sadness or maybe a combination of all of the above. Whatever it was, I don't think he's let the old Elgin out of his sight since I gave it to him. Not that he's wearing it however, he just sits and admires it in it's beautiful presentation box!

After his initial shock he demanded to know where it came from and so I told him the whole story i.e. sourcing the wreck from a guy in Germany, contacting watchmaker extraordinaire Terry Nelson in the USA, discussing and making a deal by email and ultimately, my friends bringing it all the way back to the UK in their hand luggage on conclusion of their annual holiday in Florida. Needless to say, he was amazed at all the trouble various people had gone to and has asked me to thank everyone involved - especially YOU Terry - on his behalf.

In short, he's absolutely over the moon with the old Elgin so my thanks once again for making this possible. That project was worth every ounce of effort and every penny. In short, priceless - money just can't buy special moments like that. To put it your own words Terry, "Until Next Time". Regards and very best wishes.

From Dave:

I just got my Mom's watch back in the mail. The pictures you sent earlier don't do your work justice. This watch is absolutely gorgeous. I truly feel as though I am holding a true work of art! Your choice of band was spot on! Thank you so much for the obvious care you took with this piece. I could not be more pleased! The highest compliment I can think to pay you is that YOU ARE A TRUE CRAFTSMAN. Here's to ya...there's damn few of you left...and I'm glad I found you! WELL DONE!

From Joey:

Hi Terry, I just figured since it was a new restoration project, I'd write a testimony for your wall...

Mr. Terry Nelson is the guy to go to when you have an old watch that you want to get up and running, or want to just have it services to keep it running smoothly. He is not only professional, but an absolute gentleman. He ensures you your time piece will be 100% safe. He walks you through the entire process. I know sending something that may have been in your family for generations to someone in another state, who you know nothing about. I promise that this man is the real deal. He's restored 2 pocket watches that are about 80 years old. One was a gold 1932 Illinois Bunn Special, a very rare watch... I knew it was in good hands. I've worked with and talked to Terry, and I am not just proud to write this and recommend him... but I'm proud to call him my friend. I assure you I am a person who took a shot in the dark and did not know him when I sent him the fist watch. At this point if he was unable to get the watches working, at least I made a very good friend. But he worked on the watches and they are now both working properly and I would recommend him to anyone who has an antique pocket watch, wrist watch or any other kind of unique watch to send this man an email and he will help you out with whatever you need.

From Ted:

Terry thank you sir. I was able to pick up the watch, as my mailman had it on his route. I opened it (thanks for the safe and careful pack job as well) and I was blown away to see how bright it was, and to see it silently running! You have brought it back from the dead!!! I loved the handwritten receipt, which will become part of it's history and display. You are a true artist and craftsman, and I so appreciate that Terry. It was above and beyond, that you shared such interesting information about the timepiece as well. As we used to say in the Sea Service: Bravo Zulu! Very Respectfully, ted

From Chuck:

Terry, Thank you for your excellent work. I got my first look at my restored Hamilton "Clinton" antique wristwatch yesterday evening. It was a joy to behold and in the full working condition that you promised. Your work was outstanding. Everything came together as you outlined and for the cost you quoted. The whole process worked flawlessly. 

I am very pleased that I found you, and I am more than pleased with your talent and results. Trusting a family heirloom to someone found online is never easy, but your open communication throughout the whole process let me know that my watch was always in good hands. I will recommend you to others. I wish you every success. Thank you again

From Bill:

The watch arrived today in perfect condition. It looks like you did one fantastic restoration job on this watch, it looks beautiful. I will be proud to pass it along to the next generation in my family. Your name, as antique watchmaker and restoration specialist, will be part of the printed "history" that I will include with this watch. Thank you very much!!! GREAT job.

From Henry:

Yeah, but I want to do MORE BUSINESS with you. Seriously enough, can't tell you when I have had such a wonderful experience. You are a man of your word and craft, and it's been a wonderful experience with you from start to finish.

Will send you a picture from the cockpit of the 787 when I take the watch out for it's first flight since overhaul. THANKS

From Steve:

Hello Terry, The watches arrived safely today and they are spectacular! Thank you for such careful restoration.

The solid gold Waltham, which was my great-grandfather’s personal watch, is particularly beautiful now. I bet it looks better today than the day he purchased it more than 100 years ago. Setting and winding them for the first time was very meaningful. I’m listening to them both tick away as i jot you this note.

I can’t thank you enough for the care you took in this whole process. I will, of course, contact you with any future watch needs. With deep appreciation,

From Jo:

Hi Terry. Just wanted to let you know that my watch arrived yesterday and I have to say I’m still speechless. It’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe the luminous-it looks original in every way-amazing! And it appears that you also re-fitted the crystal and cleaned up all of that excess crystal cement that was bubbling around the edges. I can’t imagine what a time-consuming and painstaking effort that must have been!

The movement sounds beautiful now and it’s running perfectly and keeping excellent time. Thanks so much for taking such great care of it.

  And lastly, thanks for the awesome box which is a great way to store it. Until the next watch I wish you well and a happy and healthy holiday season! You’ll be hearing from me again soon. Best!

From Jim:

Hi Terry, Several months ago you refurbished my 1915 Howard pocket watch, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your work and your advice. After you refurbished my watch you recommended that I check the daily progress of the watch and wind it a few turns two or three times a day to help it keep more accurate time. I followed your advice and for the past three months I have not once reset the watch manually, because I haven't needed to. By observing the tendencies of the watch and winding the watch two to three times a day (my wife, Ann, calls it watchful winding) the watch has kept accurate time to within 10-15 seconds for over 90 days. Your fine work and good advice have given me an antique pocket watch that keeps almost perfect time. Thanks again for all you've done. Regards,

From Renee:

Good evening Terry! The watch arrived today and like you wrote on the guarantee it is stunning! I couldn't be more pleased! You're workmanship is above and beyond! I showed it to my husband who isn't sentimental in the least and thought it was nothing more than an old watch. He couldn't get over how beautiful it is now. I think he's just a bit jealous that I'm giving it to Nick. So thank you again for you impeccable work and you prefect timing! I'll be in touch soon! Enjoy your week!

From Gayle:

Terry, I have received my grandfathers watch, and was totally blown away by how well you made it look! Awesome! I've ran the watch for a few days, and it keeps perfect time. Thank you so much for your restoration efforts. They are greatly appreciated!

From Dan:

Good evening Terry, I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your superb work in the reconditioning of my Hamilton 992. It looks simply astonishing, and appears to keeping excellent time. Winding is such a pleasure now. Apparently I was correct in my initial assumption that something was bent. Thank you for correcting that as well. I have a habit of acquiring timepieces, though lord knows I truly don’t need any more. If you’ll have me as a continuing customer I’m quite certain we’ll be speaking again in the not too distant future. In the meantime, please don’t retire, eat healthy, drive safe, and look both ways before crossing the street. Your vocation is so nearly a lost art. Who will service my anachronistic timepieces were something to happen to you! Thank you again on a job truly well done!

From Bob:

Morning Terry, The Elgin arrived right on time yesterday; had to sign, of course. I must say, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You ! !

Thank You for breathing new Life into my Uncle Art’s watch. When I wound it up, saw the second hand moving along, and heard the ticking of the balance wheel within, I felt my Uncle’s spirit. It brought back memories, many. He was so proud of his watch. I too will wear this watch proudly. And I know my Son will too. Thanks Terry for applying your skills. The restoration is Beautiful; I looked at the “before" photos; Wow, what an impressive transformation. Respectfully, Bob

From Joe:

Hi Terry. This is Joe e-mailing you from home today. I just wanted to let you know that my watch arrived safe and sound today and I am just stunned! It is absolutely beautiful and the new hands and crown are amazing. I can actually tell the time with it now! The case is perfect and the balance is ticking with a beautiful sound. Needless to say it exceeded my expectations so I wanted to thank you again. Please feel free to use me as a reference and if you'd like to include a photo of this watch in your resume of restored Bulova watches on your website fee free! Have a great weekend Terry.

From Tom:

Good Day. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. It has been a busy summer! When I received the watch I was in total awe! Needless to say the look on my daughters face was priceless! Terry, I cant thank you enough for the fine work you did. Although it was a bit more than I expected, one look and I knew it was money well spent. Have a great day and again, outstanding job well done!

From H.J.:

Hi Terry, Howard and Dawn here. It took a while to respond to you. The watch arrived just before we were off on vacation for three weeks, Dawn did not want to open it until we returned. I have been wearing the watch every day, we need to have a couple more holes in the strap for her small wrists. We love it, the family and others have many comments. You are a true artist, craftsman, and watch maker exquisite. Dawn stares at my wrist now, a little weird, but hey, she paid for it. Her father would have been proud, although he would never spend the money to repair it. Thank you again for the great repair job.

From Joe:

Hello Terry, Joe here. My watch is home once again and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much I'm very excited to start using it. My grandfather would be so proud. Like I said in one of my early text I have a couple more pocket watches that were family heirlooms that I will send you pictures of too see if you can do anything with. Again thank you so much I will be in touch.

From Hilary: Hi Terry, I keep forgetting to email you! I received the watch on Saturday and have been enjoying it ever since. Thank you so much - I hadn't realized how much I missed wearing a watch and every time I look at it I think of my grandpa. Thank you again for you fantastic work,


From Joseph: Wanted to write something nice for you, and thought I would recommend using Google reviews... You do great work and are a great guy. I know you have your wall of testimonials, but it wouldn't be difficult for someone to make a fake page now a days. I only say so because people might not feel comfortable sending a rare watch to someone they don't know. Its harder to have a bunch of friends to write a bunch of fake reviews. I didn't know you at all when I first sent mine in, I'm glad I did. Anyway, for your wall...

Terry is one of the finest people I've had the pleasure of working with. I told him about the pocket watches I have and how one of them were missing numbers on the dial. He made me feel very comfortable From his first email. I sent my 1922 Hamilton pocket watch in too him, the is very professional, he didn't start work until he gave me an estimate, once he did start work he kept me up to date every step of the way. He was very timely with the work, and when I got my watch back, I couldn't believe it was the same watch! It turned out absolutely stunning!!! I look forward to using it as much as I can.

I have 2 other pocket watches I need work on, and plenty of wrist watches that may be working now, but I know if they stop, I have someone I can trust that will take good care of them as if they were his own. I would recommend Terry Nelson to anyone who's looking to restore an old timepiece, even if you've been told it can't be fixed, I would send it too him... I'm sure he will be able to help you. And the reason for this, is not only cause he knows his stuff, but he genuinely enjoys what he does. Terry, I can't thank you enough, and I look forward to the next project! Until next time, all the best! Thanks again!

Sincerely, Joe

From Jack:

Hi Terry. I'm loving my grandfathers Hamilton 1918 - sent out pictures of it to family along with his WW1 uniform - personnel letters and photographs from France along with his NCO side arm (an old 1906 savage .32 pistol) putting it all together for the Heirs; now it seems the family is finding PWs in storage everywhere ---I passed your link along to them---

thanks again- Jack

From Bill:

Terry, My apologies for not writing sooner; I was in Detroit for business last week, so was not here to receive the watches. I was thrilled to find the package on my desk this morning. I couldn't be happier...the watches are truly beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I will be contact you in the near future for working on my Illinois pocket watch and my Omega Seamaster DeVille.

Thanks again! Bill

From Bob:

Hi Terry, Just received my Grandfather's Elgin watch you refurbished. All I can say is WOW! It looks fabulous! And good selection on the band. Thank you. I have another another one I'll be sending over some pictures for you to look at. It is another watch from my Grandfather. It's a Gruen Veri-Thin not sure of the date but guess around the late 1940. Thanks again and look for my next email.


From Casey:

Terry, I received the watch and it looks great. It's unbelievable to hear it tick and to be able to wind it, because I never thought I would see it functioning again. I plan on gifting it to my Mother, as it was her Father's. She has no idea, so should make quite a nice surprise.

Thanks again for the help, Casey

From Pete:

Terry, Thank you for taking care of the restoration of my grandfather's GP wrist watch. I just picked it up from the post office on my lunch hour and it is beautiful. This is the third of four watches of my grandfather's that I have restored (and the second that you have done) and I couldn't be happier with the result. I will eventually have the last watch, a Clebar restored, but that will need to wait a bit! Thanks again so much for the expert care and attention you gave to this watch! Many Thanks & Best Regards,


From Edwin:

Hi Terry, Just a note to let you know I made it to my mom’s late yesterday and have the watches. The Hamilton looks great! It feels so nice on my arm again; it's nice to see that second hand sweeping smoothly around the dial. I'm glad we restored it. The Baume & Mercier is keeping perfect time as well. Thank you for your help and honesty on that situation. Your service and communication from beginning to end -- has been impeccable. It has been a long time since I have dealt with such a high caliber/quality craftsman; true artisans, as yourself, are becoming hard to find in this world of meritocracy. I have told all of my students about this transaction process and have used you as an example of how they should go forth from high school next year and conduct business and communicate as you have. It has been a pleasure. All to say thanks so much for your talent and skills -- I will calling on you in the future. Perhaps next fall you can service my dad's and grandfather's Hamilton and Elgin pocket watches. Thanks again,


From Harvey:

Terry,The watches made it here safe and sound. Thanks once again for your professionalism and perfect service. Not unexpectedly, they both look great and are keeping perfect time. Until next time….Best regards,

From: Mike:

Terry, I picked up the 2 watches, and I am very pleased with the result. I just want to say thank you for your attention to detail; I picked the right guy to do the work. Separate & apart from the 3 pocket watches you restored for me, I appreciate how you dealt with me as a customer; you were attentive & helpful. I felt comfortable & confident about the whole process. Unfortunately, I have no more pocket watches to restore, but there may be a wrist watch to restore “down the road.” Until the next time,


From Chris: Terry, The watch arrived last week, safe and sound, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner to confirm receipt and express my sincere gratitude and utmost satisfaction. I am so thankful for your fantastic restoration of this treasured heirloom to its former glory, and for the time you have taken to educate and inform me about the watch throughout the process. It has been a first-class experience, and I'm truly grateful. Best regards,


From: Joe:

Terry, Just received my watch. It is absolutely amazing and could not be happier. I am sending the larger Waltham pocket watch for repair, cleaning and calibration. You are truly a fine craftsman and unfortunately a dying breed. Thanks once again,


From Tate: Terry, I have received my son's Hamilton 992 B safely in today's mail. Thank you for sending it early, as I can put it 'under the tree' . It is indeed restored to running perfection and I expect my son to have many years of good service. Thank you for your craftsmanship and professionalism in its restoration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Best Regards,


From Alan: Hi Terry, On a scale of 0 to 10 I’d rate the watch an 11. Fantastic job! I’m not a watch expert but I can tell the health of watch by winding it. Smooth as silk. I wound it last night and the watch is keeping perfect time. As a side note, your packaging was top notch. We buy a lot online and your packaging rates number one. Hope the weather has dried out for you a bit. Thanks again for a wonderful watch,


From: Nicole: Terry, I received the watch today, I am impressed, it looks exactly as I was hoping! I cannot say thank you enough for your help and expertise restoring such a special family heirloom. With warm regards, Sincerely,


From: Larry: Terry, The watch operates exceptionally. Thank you for the professional and expert work. I will recommend you to others.


From Bob:

Terry, Received the watch on Friday could not wait to open the package, very nicely done by the way. Safe and secure! I was not prepared to find what I did once opened, Oh my God, the picture you sent didn't do justice to the actual work of art that was now in my hands! I can not thank you enough for the expert service and attention to detail provided by you and the dial refinisher. I am so looking forward to wearing with pride once again what to me is a beautiful timepiece and a wonderful reminder of my parents! Terry, thank you again I love it.


From Jack:

Dear Terry, Way past my bedtime but want to tell you that ,indeed, my watch was delivered at 5 pm on Nov 30, this evening. As I opened the package and then opened the little box inside containing the watch my heart pounded with excitement - perhaps you heard it all the way to Portland. Your word "STUNNING" best summarizes what I saw. It is beautiful and now,7 hours later, it is ticking away handsomely displayed on its pedestal next to my Dad's Hamilton railroad watch,also on its own matching pedestal. I will write you later with more news but wanted you to know this much for tonight. Many,many thanks,Terry!!!! Sincerely,


From Tony:

Hi Terry, Received the watch and it did turn out great! It brought tears to my eyes to hear it ticking away. Did you happen to make a note of the serial number of the watch. If you did I would like to have it. Brilliant work, thanks again.


From Pat:

Terry, just thought that I would give you a one year update. In one word - PERFECT!!! It is so good that I am actually looking for a nice vintage rectangular Hamilton now just to have you do a re-build. Thanks again for the wonderful gift this turned out to be. I truly appreciate the work you put into this and would be more than glad to help you with a recommendation if a potential customer has questions. Hope you are getting ready for the holiday season and are doing well. Thank you again,


From Bruce:

Terry – The watch arrived yesterday, but my wife and I were on a 2-hour run to the closest Costco and consequently had only an attempted delivery notice when we got home. Fortunately the GJ Post Office was open for package pickup this morning and I just returned with the package. I couldn’t be happier with the job you did, Terry; it looks brand new and no doubt better than it did when the heavy and disinterested hands of Uncle Sam’s Air Force issued it! It will certainly be taken care of with tender and loving care when our niece gets it in a couple of weeks. It’s a pleasure – and anymore, a rarity – when I encounter a craftsman who tells me what he will do, then does it! Watch repairmen who work on vintage mechanical watches are not that easy to find, as you well know; most are simply battery changers anymore. If I locate another vintage military timepiece I will certainly contact you. Thanks again for a great restoration.


From Michael: Hello Terry, I received the watch last Thursday...and I still can't stop looking at it. You did an absolutely amazing job. I still cannot believe that it is that same watch I sent you. I cannot wait to take this piece of history back into the sky. I'll send a photo your way once it takes to the air again in a few weeks. An absolute treasure. Thanks again!

-v/r Michael

From George: Hi Terry, the Recta arrived safely and I have been wearing it for a couple of days now. It looks beautiful and keeps the time very well. It's hard to believe that it is more than 70 years old. I would like to thank you for your great professional work and excellent craftsmanship. Many many thanks,


From Kirk: Hi Terry, Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safely. I sent you a watch in decent shape, and you returned me a beautiful example of that vintage of watchmaking. I will truly enjoy this watch for many years. Thank you very much. Best Regards,


From Tom: Hi Terry- My Waltham arrived today, in great shape. Thanks so much. You know, I have a mechanic that always takes the best care of my tractor/truck/car situations. I trust him implicitly on matters concerning my vehicles. And you are his equal when it come to my old watches. Thanks Terry.


From Mike: BTW Terry- You made me look like a frick’n hero! She was a big sobbing puddle of tears when I gave it to her. I told her that now she will think of her Daddy every time she winds that old Elgin…& she does faithfully every morning. Terry, that old Elgin comes off her wrist only when bathing or gardening.


From Chuck:

Dear Terry, to say that I am very impressed would be an understatement. The watch arrived safely yesterday and it's beautiful. The case is a very nice touch, thank you. I will take good care of my "new" watch according to your thorough directions. I've also begin to think about how proud I will be to pass this watch on to one of my nephews; it's an unexpected pleasure. Thank you for the terrific service!


From Len:

And so it has happened. A treasured family heirloom has been transformed into a beautiful working watch. It takes time and skill to do such detailed work. Time is the important thing because every moment may be the most important of our lives. Thank you so much for everything. It has been a real pleasure working with you.


From Mark:

Terry, I just wanted to drop you a fast note. The watch arrived last weekend, and in fine shape. It really looks amazing! I wanted to thank you for your artisanship in bringing my grandfather’s watch back to life! It really is an amazing transformation. I gave the watch to my father on Sunday and he was so pleased to have his father’s working watch back in his hands to enjoy. As I told you before he never really got to know his father as he passed away when my dad was just 16 months old, and this watch is the only thing he has to keep his memory alive. Thank you again for helping bring this bit of family history back to life and we hope to treasure it for years to come!


From Kenneth:

Hi Terry, Wanted to let you know my watch arrived today. All I can say is; your work is exceptional and your fee a bargain. My half century old Cartier watch looks and runs as if it were brand new. I cannot thank you enough. I now have a remembrance from my father to wear every day. I also attach an estimate from Cartier to repair this very same watch. Hopefully you can use it as well as this note in advertising. I first contacted Cartier for repair as they advertise time pieces for a life time which I thought it was a life time guarantee. Not so, as you can see from their repair estimate in the amounts of $3,952.00 It is my hope that you use this note and the repair estimate to promote your services. If such helps one person enjoy a family heirloom then I have helped you perform a worthwhile service. Kind Regards,


From Peter:

Dear Terry, My watch arrived yesterday and I just had to take a minute to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on it. The watch looks stunning and the photos you sent didn't do it justice. The dial and hands are so beautiful now and even though they do show some wear, it looks appropriate given the age of the watch. I was absolutely delighted when I wound it to feel how smoothly it worked and how beautifully it responded. Its keeping excellent time too. The back is so much better too. I never thought it would be possible to improve it so much. Thank you for the attention, love, and artistic craftsmanship you put into this project. I am more than delighted with the result.

Thank you again Terry, I am so very pleased and so very happy I sent my watch to you. All the best,


From Don:

Terry, Got watches today! They are great! Could not pick them up on Sat our Post Office isn't open for pick up after 10AM on weekends. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your work. Thank you again very much


From Tom:

Hello Terry, My Jaeger wristwatch continues to function perfectly three months after I received it. The watch has been running constantly and keeps perfect time. The longer I have it, the better Iike it. It seems to be everything Jaeger LeCoultre watches are cracked up to be. It has meant a lot to me to have my father's watch on my wrist and I just wanted you to know how pleased and grateful I am. Thank you,


From Thomas:

Dear Terry, The watch arrived just now in perfect shape. The only problem is that it's difficult to recognize as the watch I sent you. The result is incredible. I'll see my cousins at dinner tomorrow and I'm sure they'll be delighted to see this watch in it's present condition. It was their father who brought it home from Italy. I can't thank you enough for your skill and patience. My best wishes for a merry christmas and peace and prosperity in the new year.


From Ruth:

Dear Terry -- The watch arrived about an hour ago. I was so excited that it took me forever to open the box. The watch just takes my breath away! What a beautiful treasure! It is so obviously a period piece which was lovingly cared for -- and to have it working again is such a gift! I feel as if it's the only ornament I'll ever want to wear. I keep looking at my wrist, and not once has it been to see the time. I love the wristband you chose for it -- it suits me perfectly. I have always been fascinated with that time in our history -- the clothes, music, attitudes, hairstyles, slang -- and I have a gem from that time which I can pass down the generations of our family. It's so funny -- when I look at the watch (every few seconds or so), one part which catches my eye is the little second hand chugging away -- the word which comes to my mind is "faithfully" -- again, after all these years. I hope you get an idea how grateful I am for your talent and care; it's very difficult to put into words how happy it makes me to have this working again and to know that at one time it meant so much to Uncle Joe. I called my son in Houston and my brother to tell them the good news. They are both very excited to see it! We are celebrating our family Christmas this Sunday because that's the only time we can all get together. We will be admiring the watch and I will be telling them about you and how wonderful it has been to work with you! Thank you! Merry Christmas!!


From Gene:

Hello Terry, I am letting you know that my heirloom watch arrived safely yesterday. I am so pleased with the results of your expertise. Each person that has seen it has oohed and aahed over the appearance of the watch. Thanks again for a beautiful job of restoration.


From Vince:

Hi Terry It has been 20 hours since I received my family's heirloom watch. What a magnificent job. What a thing of beauty . For something so old it works so well to the second. I can't tell you enough how hard it was for me to send my broken watch. This is because we never spoke. I have never done business of any importance this way before but it seem to be your wishes. Even when I mail order through the web I always talk to the company first if possible. I had to think about it for quite awhile before I sent my watch.. I studied your website as well as our correspondence through e-mail. Both were excellent as far as how I think a business should be run. This gave me the confidence to deal with you on this project. I am very happy with the results. Please feel free to use my name as a reference if needed. I would be more than happy to help. Best regards,


From Jeff:

Hi Terry, The watch arrived in today's mail. What a wonderful result! It's nice to have the watch working and looking as good as new. Thanks again for your prompt and thoughtful work. Best wishes,


From Bobbi:

Good morning, Terry. I was pleasantly surprised to find my E Howard in last evenings post. My hands trembled in excitement as I unwrapped that excellent and secure registered mail box, and any expectations I had concerning your restoration were immediately surpassed! Thanks!


From Matt:

Terry, I stand in awe of your craftsmanship. The watch is literally beautiful, and looks as close to its appearance of nearly 150 years ago as humanly possible. I wound and set it last night and it is keeping time commensurate with my Omega Seamaster. The gilt plate is immaculate and the dial is pristine! Thank you also for fixing the hinges on the case so it closes securely and firmly. You polished it beautifully as well. I'd like to post some photos of this watch on NAWCC forums. Would you mind if I mentioned you were the restorer? I'd like to endorse your work. Thanks again, Terry.


From Raymond:

Received our family watch in yesterday’s mail. It set perfectly and kept time overnight. I just wound it up this morning again and will so for many years to come. t was worth every penny to see the look on my mother’s face and to hear her story about how she used to watch her grandfather rub the back of the watch when she was a little girl. I’m just sorry that this all had to be done over the internet. But maybe it is better that you and your workshop just stay part of my imagination. Again, thank you.


From Michael:

Hello Terry:

You may already have received notification of the delivery of the 1919 Elgin watch, but I wanted to give you a short confirmation that it arrived Monday AM in fine condition. Your sturdy and careful packaging work only heightened my excitement on taking delivery.

Seeing the watch in it's restored state, some friends and relatives that had seen it in its neglected state before our project exclaimed "Amazing!" and "Miraculous!"

For myself, I would challenge that rightfully enthusiastic yet simple response. I know and understand the focused attention and experienced care required to perform such a transformation. It is no miracle that restored our family heirloom; it was true craftsmanship.

I hope this gives some expression, far beyond dollars, of my appreciation of your work.

Thank you, once again, for helping me with these projects. It gives me great pride and satisfaction to be able to bring important bits of family history into their full glory, and I could not do that without your help.

I look forward to working with you on the 1879 Elgin "Hunter's" pocket watch, based on my budgets of dollars and time, and of course, your schedule.


From: Allen :

Terry, my watch arrived safe and sound this week. I am absolutely thrilled. You are amazing. Thanks so much. I noticed that you have posted many nice comments from satisfied customers on your web-site. I’ve taken the liberty of drafting a few comments and would be happy for you to post the following to your web-site comment section.

Terry, I received my beautifully restored great grandfather’s antique pocket watch this week—right on time. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you were able to restore my 1908 Waltham railroad watch. And, I know it must have been a challenge given the magnitude of repairs required. But you did it and it is a joy to behold!

Prior to sending it to you, I had at least 4 other so called “experts” look at it in several cities and no one was able to procure the parts, much less restore it to its original grandeur. The watch arrived safe and sound and is faithfully ticking away with absolute perfect time.

One thing that has amazed me through this whole process is the personal attention I received from the day I first contacted you; and from a city approximately 2300 miles from Portland. You always responded to my inquiries promptly, gave me your best assessment (from my rather poor description and photos) and stayed in touch throughout the process. It is a rare occurrence to find someone of your skills and personal attention. You are a master craftsman and very knowledgeable. I’ve learned so much about my watch from your frequent communications and your great web-site.

I will always be appreciative of your skills, dedication and unbelievable customer service and will be proud to recommend you to anyone that may require a personal reference. Please call on me should there ever be a need to provide such a reference. In the meantime, I remain a VERY satisfied patron. THANK YOU!

From Harry :

Dear Terry,

I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying using my pocket watch.

Not only is the watch beautifully restored, but it is keeping perfect time to the minute. I follow your instructions to wind the watch each morning and much to my delight the watch is perfectly in synch with the atomic clock in Colorado. A ship’s captain in the 19th century could have navigated comfortably with this watch.

Best regards,

From Joe:


My father received the watch and he can't stop talking about it. He can't believe that a watch that he's had for 50 years, and having been told by numerous watch repairman that it couldn't be fixed, is finally working and holding accurate time. I can't thank you enough for restoring this family heirloom and I would have no reservations about recommending you to anyone I know.

Best regards,

Joe Alig

From Dave:


The watch arrived safely today. It was wonderfully packaged and I am thrilled with the results of your workmanship. You have done a beautiful job, This 94 year old timepiece looks virtually new! It will continue its life as a treasured heirloom in our family for generations to come, thanks to your efforts. Thank you so much for accepting this project, and for the quick turn-around time in which the work was completed.

Totally Satisfied,

Dave Baird

From Peter:

Thanks Terry. Received the Bulova DuoWind today. It is gorgeous!!! Thank you for your fine workmanship. I really do appreciate it.

Also the winding is stiff. I imagine this is because the spring is new but wanted to ask. REALLY thank you. I am so happy it is working now you have no idea.

Peter K

From Merritt:

Hi, Terry

The Movado arrived before Christmas, which was a wonderful surprise. The holidays got crazy and then work got crazier - otherwise I would have written earlier.

The watch is beautifully restored, and the engraving is perfect. The project could not have turned out better. This watch, which was my father’s, is a memory from my youth that I strongly identify with my dad. Since he passed away in September, the watch is especially dear to me.

Thank you for the care you took and craftsmanship you applied to the watch, and the special effort you put forth to get the perfect engraving.

From a very satisfied customer, thank you.


From Tim:

Thanks Terry
On my wrist! I can’t keep from looking at it! I may spend the afternoon walking up to strangers and telling them the time! Or, better, let them look at the time themselves!

your friend, Tim

From Frank:


My watch came today... What a wonderful job you did!! I never expected such quality workmanship and attention to detail. You obviously take great pride in your work!!

Should you need references for potential future customers, don't hesitate to give them my name and email address.


From Michael:

Terry, just a quick note to let you know of the speed of the U.S. Postal Service! Yep, package arrived safe and sound today and I'm wearing my favorite watch as we speak. Really beautiful job on this one, my friend. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Until the next project...

Best Regards,

just received watch terry. absolutely gorgeous does not even look like the same watch I wound it carefully and she purrs like a kitten, thanks for the good work will refer other clients to you. I may have started a hobby for myself

From Jim:

Good Morning Terry:

Got the watches! Love them. Another great job. You are just fantastic!

Thank you ever so much AGAIN!

I am sure that I will come across a few more, but for now, we have reached the end of this phase of my "watch project."

For now, I wish to thank you ever so much and to send you all my best for a most joyous Thanksgiving and coming holidays.

Do hope that you and yours have a most enjoyable time.

All my best!

Jim Mears

From Kenneth:

Hi Terry,
Just to let you know that I received the pocket watch yesterday and wanted to send you a note to say how happy I am with your stunning work. Your attention to detail is extraordinary, you are truly a master craftsman and I am thrilled I found you. A gem! A thousand times thank-you.


From Paul:

Doxa arrived. Here are my comments:

David Copperfield, David Blaine and Terry Nelson! What do they have in common? They are ALL magicians!!



From Barney:

Terry, My watch just arrived this afternoon and WOW I am so impressed. By any estimate in my family it hasn't worked in probably sixty or seventy years and now I am able to hold it in my hand ticking along and shining like new! Thank you. You do wonderful work.


From Daniel:

First I must apologize for my delay in responding. I have been distracted the past few weeks with matters of considerable gravity. I received the watch in good order and beautifully packed (BRAVO!!!!). I knew it would be nice but one really does not know what to expect until the completed piece is finally in hand. Your work is beautiful and both Sue and I were quite moved to witness the watches first movement of the second hand sweep with only the slightest of turn to the winding. The watch has quickly become one of my few cherished possessions and since receiving it, I ware it every day. Thank you so very much for taking on the task of restoring my 1907 Smith wrist watch and performing the work so expertly.

As a restorer of brass and woodwind musical instruments, I have an understanding and appreciation of such work. I also know how difficult it is to find trustworthy craftspersons (like yourself) capable and willing to tend to our needs when it comes to repairing the treasured trinkets that connect us to our past. Thank you again for all you have done for me. You can expect my repeat business and I will gladly endorse your services whenever occasion should arise.

Best regards from Seattle, Daniel O.

From Colette:

Your beautiful restoration work arrived yesterday! My children and I were so thrilled to be able to present it to my husband (their dad)! He opened it late last night and was so impressed and amazed. It looks brand new! Thank you for all your information and thorough communication in addition to, of course, your restoration work! My husband and I hope to be able to pass the watch down to our son one day. We know it isn't a Patek Phillipe watch, but nonetheless it has much sentimental value. Thank you for continuing the craft.

From Whitten:

I picked up my watch yesterday. Thank you so much! It is better than I expected; I LOVE it!

This has been a dream come true for me and my family.

Thank you so much again!

From Kelly:

Hi Terry,

I received my watch and it is absolutely beautiful! I am a very satisfied customer. I really appreciate you keeping me informed every step of the way.

Happy Holidays! Thanks again.

From John:

The watch arrived today well packaged I thank you.I unpacked and set the time withouthesitation.It keeps time well and looks outstanding compared to the condition it was sent to up in.I can not believe this is the same watch.I will be showing it off at all family events and my father will be happy to see this watch working again.thank you so very much for all the work you put into refurbishing this classic time piece.

Thanks again.

From Pernell:

i received my wrist watch and i have both of them on my dining room table and they are performing in an excellent manner the time has been very exact and consistent i wind them on a twenty four (24) hour basis + + thanks for telling me how to wind them to get the best results your service and promptness is beyond comparison i would recommend your services to any one who want the best services available i will keep your site on my computer and if i have any questions in the future i will gladly contact you rest assured that any future business you are the only one i would consider so again i will say thanks a lot because each time i walk by my dining room table i marvel at the results right now it is really storming outside so some of your weather did drift eastward it been a pleasure dealing with you until the need for your services arise again may the weather always be sunny in Oregon

From Bob:

The watch arrived today - Tuesday July 6th - and it is stunning!

You did an absolutely magnificent job again. And the watchband you picked really makes the watch standout.

I can't thank you enough for the care and expert workmanship as well as consistently great customer service.

The timing couldn't have worked out better as the watch is back in time for remembrance of my father's birthday tomorrow July 7th - can't tell you what that means to our family.

And I know he's smiling down from above on this!

Hope you had a great 4th of July Weekend.

Til our next project (it may be a little while - but I still have two Linwoods that I can't bear to see not refurbished and in use....including the parts watch...).

If you ever need a reference - I would be more than obliged.


Bob G.

From Bill:

I just received my watch in the mail. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the work that you did to restore my watch. To borrow your phrase, your efforts have simply been spectacular! I am just thrilled to have the watch back in working order and to have had the great fortune of having found you and of your willingness to undertake the project. I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you again for your efforts.


From Randy:

I received the watch and it runs terrifically well. You are wrong, it runs better then the day it was make in 1908. It also winds and sets better than ever. How did you do it? Feel free to use me as a reference. The watch is now on a gorgeous thick burgundy genuine crocodile watch band and it looks great. I have been a watch collector for many years and am trained enough to at least tell when a watch is serviced well and you are a master.

Thanks so much.

From Paul:

Doxa arrived. Here are my comments:

David Copperfield, David Blaine and Terry Nelson! What do they have in common? They are ALL magicians!!



From: Ken
Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived today, safe and sound. It looks great and is ticking away on my list right now. Thank you very much for the great work on the watch , and also for all the unexpected extras, such as the wealth of information you provided, the extra band, the nice box it was returned in, etc. Great service, way above and beyond expectations!


From: Phil
I very much appreciate your communication with me about my watch. It clearly demonstrates your passion for your work and that you understand -- you get it -- about customer service. Many thanks.


From: Don
I came home last evening to find the parcel containing the Rocail watch hat belonged to my grandfather. I cannot sufficiently express in words my gratitude for your wonderful restoration of my grandfather's watch. I am so very excited to present it to my father this Father's Day. I know he, as well as the rest of my family shall shed a tear he opens the box. You are a truly talented gentleman and I am very happy to have "met" you even though only through emails. Thanks so very much.


From: Art

I received my Dad’s watch this morning and it is even nicer in hand. What a beautiful job you did, I can’t thank you enough! What I am amazed at is the actually size I always knew it was small but I can’t get over how small it is. It must have been interesting for you because you have probably worked on the newer generation of aviation watches, the pie plate sized with all the buttons and whistles. It’s interesting to see that our forefathers were more interested in reliability and precision than flash. You got me reminiscing about the stories the watch could tell but just imagine the abuse this watch took for years and it still “kept on tickin” accurately! After all these years of abuse you were able to make it function just like it was originally designed! This watch will be my most prized possession and I plan to proudly wear it every Memorial and Veterans day. Again thank you so much for bringing back this watch to its current state, I really appreciate the care and quality you put back in to this treasured family time piece.


From: Michael
I thought you would be interested in the results of a little experiment I've performed over the last week.

You might know me as something of a Computer Geek. I generally have five computers running in our household at any time. (Much to the chagrin of my partner, Keiran.) But, to the point, each of those
computers synchronize their internal clocks with the Atomic clock in Boulder, maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). So any of those computers can be used by me as a
highly-accurate standard to set my Grandfather's Hamilton wristwatch on any morning, per your suggestions.

I've found the Hamilton to be highly accurate and reliable each day I've worn it. But I wanted to push the limits and get a more detailed view of the performance of the Hamilton. This weekend (3/27) I decided to
perform a simple experiment. I wound the Hamilton and set it to one of the Atomic Clock computers, resolving to wind the Hamilton twice a day (morning and evening rituals). I wanted to keep the Hamilton running for a week, and discover it's long-term accuracy.

I know that a wound wrist watch can be expected to gain or loose as much as a few minutes over the course of 24 hours, and often require daily re-setting based on some reliable standard. However, at the end of my week-long experiment I found that the Hamilton remained dead-on accurate when compared to the Atomic Clock sync'd computers! The results, of course, are a testament to both the original construction of the Hamilton and to your skilled restoration.

So, not only do I have the privilege and pride of wearing my grandfather's wristwatch, I'm wearing a highly accurate (and attractive) timepiece. Proven by my week-long experiment. I put the watch up to my ear and soak up the quiet but firm tick of the watch, and at that moment I'm connected to both the present and the past. I'm certain that you know this experience.

This is my long-winded way of expressing the utter satisfaction I have with your work, although I still feel inadequate to describe the pride of connection I feel while wearing this family heirloom. I'm equally lame in conveying the shouts of happiness and praise from my mother and sister when I sent them pictures of grandfather's restored watch on my own wrist. My sister shouted "I KNOW that watch. I remember it! What a beautiful thing to see it working again!"

Terry, I would like to continue our project. You and I get to move even further into the past with the Elgin pocket watches. As before, I will defer to you judgment and preference as to which timepiece to address
next. If you would like me to re-send my initial descriptions and photo, please let me know. But I'd like to know which of the two pocket watches you would next like to address. I think both are interesting projects, and my experience with you has provided the highest confidence.


From: Jim
Terry i received my watch a few days ago. beautiful job! It hasn't varied but plus or minus about 3 seconds per day for the time I've had it back, which has been about 10 days. If I have need of your services again, or know of anyone who might, you can bet I'll most certainly recommend you. I'm very well satisfied. all the best to you.


From: David
Just wanted to let you know that the Hamilton watch you repaired for me has arrived. It looks fantastic and seems to be keeping very good time. Showed it to my dad and he was very pleased. He said that Bub would be very happy to know that his old watch is back is service. Thanks for the fine work you did.


From: Anthony
I just got back from the post office, I want to thank you for the fantastic job you have done with my pocketwatch. It looks like it is new!! I am so happy that i found your site on the web and soon i will be requiring
your services again for my 1899 waltham pocketwatch. Thank you again!!!!!


From: Ron
Absolutely Gorgeous—I had as much fun and anticipation opening the outstanding packaging as any Xmas Gift that I have ever received-Thank You so much- My Grand Daughter Michelle not only will have an Antique Watch but More Importantly an Heirloom to Treasure and Enjoy.Your Expertise Allows the Watch to Continue a Family Journey that was started in 1901 by Her, Great Great Grand Father and Great Great Grand Mother- Thank You---Thank You, All the Best--Ron


From: Rydberg
Just a word of thanks for the work you performed in resurrecting my grandfather's 1911 Elgin pocket watch. I sent you an envelope of somewhat deplorable pieces and you returned a piece of American watchmaker's art. Your restoration of this timepiece was nothing less than breathtaking. The watch will be used and respected by me and hopefully future generations. Thank you for taking on this challenge and professionalism from beginning to end.


From: Ken
Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived today, safe and sound. It looks great and is ticking away on my list right now. Thank you very much for the great work on the watch , and also for all the unexpected extras, such as the wealth of information you provided, the extra band, the nice box it was returned in, etc. Great service, way above and beyond expectations!


From: Allen
Allen here in Boise. I received my watch back today. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have my Great Grandfathers watch restored. It looks beautiful. I appreciate the quick service and your attention to every detail in the restoration of this family heirloom. The watch has 109 years of family history already and I am hopeful it will see another 109 years or more. Thank you once again.


From: Jon
Almost forgot to let you know that I received the watch on Thursday and have worn it since. Its really nice to finally wear it! The crystal is clear and its keeping really great time - better than I ever thought possible. Thank you so much for the wonderful and very professional service. Its been nice working with you and I'll definitely be in touch for my future watchmaking needs.
Happy holidays to you and yours!


From: David
Just received my antique watch.It is beautiful. Thank you so much. I have been most favorable impressed with you professionalism and prompt reply to all my emails. I have two more to see if you will work on them but will need to let my finances catch up with me. In the meantime, I will gladly refer any interested persons wanting antique watch repair or restoration to you. Again, thank you.


From: Jack
Just a quick note, just received my watch just like new. it’s great to see pride in workmanship is alive and well in the U.S.A. Thanks again!


From: Mike
Although through the written word, I have enjoyed our working together to make this very special timepiece rejoin the living. In many ways, (to me), it has done just that. I feel that my grandfather's memory will live a little longer through my children and grandchildren. I believe that you have a very special talent and more importantly a respect for the timepieces themselves and what they mean to their owners, hence a respect for your fellow man. Unfortunately in today's world a commodity in short supply.

Again, thanks for your efforts. I truly appreciate your skill and commitment. Please, if ever in NYC drop me a line and I'll be glad to take you for a fine dinner. All the best from a soggy Brooklyn,NY.......


From: Michele
We received the watch and it is beautiful. Thanks for your great work. My Dad presented it to my brother as a late Christmas present and he was thrilled as he has our other great grandfather's pocket watches, but none as spectacular as this one. He does have some really old one's in his collection that he may need work on in the future. I will give him your name with the highest recommendation to see if they would be ones you work on.


From: Ray & Susan
Hi Terry, we received the Tiffany watch last week. We can't thank you enough on what an outstanding job you did in restoring the watch. We were overjoyed to hear the watch tick once again! The watch looks even better now than it did before. And thank you for including an extra stem in case we did that in the future. That was very thoughtful of you. You have gained 2 more loyal customers when it comes to watch repair. Thank you very much for providing such a valuable and wonderful service.


From: Jerry
This watch is fantastic. I think it may gain around 9 seconds a day. I wind it every morning and set it once a week. Runs flawlessly. Truly remarkable!


From: Greg
I received the watch earlier this week and have been letting it run for the past few days. I am SO PLEASED with your great work as the watch looks great and runs well. Thanks so much for your patience and expertise.


From: Michael
Terry, hey remember me?
Well I want to finally thank you and let you know the watch arrived in perfect shape and looks beautiful and works beautifully. (Lady's Elgin Gold 1895 pocket watch). I have given it to my niece as a graduation gift and she loves it and will treasure it for many years. Thank you for the professional work.


From: Wayne
Hey Terry, hope all is well. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. wanted to let you know the watch you repaired is working great. Very accurate, has gained about 7 seconds over the course of 3 weeks! I'm amazed at this accuracy considering the watch is at least 50 years old. I have been using an "atomic clock" to check it against. Thanks again for taking my watch in for it's restoration, I look forward to working with you in the future. Have a great day! Blessings


From: Jim
Terry, just wanted to let you know watch arrived 10/31 and after 7 days of running is keeping perfect time. You are truly a craftsman thanks so much, Jim.


From: Bill
The watch has arrived, and is stunning. Thank you very much for your careful restoration. This time piece will continue to pass down through my family for generations to come.

From: Allen
Allen Bryant here in Boise. I received my watch back today. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to have my Great Grandfathers watch restored. It looks beautiful. I appreciate the quick service and your attention to every detail in the restoration of this family heirloom. The watch has 109 years of family history already and I am hopeful it will see another 109 years or more. Thank you once again.


From: John
We received my Father's watch today. WHAT A GREAT JOB !!!! It is hard to believe it is the same watch. It winds so smoothly. The sweeping second hand moves like a piece of art. The finish is excellent, clean and crisp. It retains the vintage feel. You did such a beautiful job, I may try to find a vintage watch for myself. If I do, I will send it to you so you can do your magic. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. What a beautiful job. Thank you so much.


From: Eric
Shipping my priceless watch and sentimental family heirloom across the county did raise some questions. As you know I was in need of an expert to repair and restore my great grandfathers watch. It was serviced twice before (locally), both wasting time and money.

You took my 1940's Omega and restored it to new, it looks fabulous and keeps perfect time! Not only did you offer the best service possible but your communication along the journey was stunning. You responded to every email and answers every question with detail. This was a big factor in deciding to send my watch to someone I didn't know. Also, your pricing is very accurate. Every item fixed was approved by me, there were no hidden charges or "extra" shipping costs.My entire family thanks you 1000 times. I promise to take great care our our family heirloom.Thanks Terry!

From: Linda
I received the watch approximately 2 hours ago. I opened it up and had it wound and on my wrist within 5 minutes. What a beautiful job you did on the restoration! I experienced quite a flood of emotions looking at the watch on my wrist knowing that the same metal touched my father's wrist approximately 60 years ago. My husband and I both think that the watch looks great on my wrist and (of course) I will be the only one wearing it! I think this was probably the only time in my life that I wept openly over a wristwatch. Not only will I cherish this the rest of my life, I plan on passing this watch on to one of my two daughters.

Thank you so very much.

From: Ramon
I just wanted to let you know that I received the newly restored Gruen this weekend. Wow! I have to say, I'm very impressed with the work.

I'm so glad I found your website and am thankful that you were able to restore my father's Gruen watch to a wonderful condition. I really appreciate the work you've done; now I can carry a reminder of my father on my wrist. Thanks again, Terry, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone (family, friends, neighbors...anyone!) who is interested in restoring an old mechanical watch.

Many, many thanks.

From: Steve
A note to let you know that my father's watch arrived home yesterday. I am so pleased with the results. The watch looks great and keeps time beautifully. Every penny I spent on that watch was money well spent. I give your service the highest of recommendations. Your work speaks for itself and your personal interest and care was evident. Thank you again.

From: Scott
I received my watch and was very excited to see what was within the box. Thank you very much for a beautiful restoration. I am very pleased. It is not only a beautiful watch but a sentimental one too of course. It has been keeping good time all day and I plan to not only display it but too wear it with pride. Thank you again for your expert care. I will recommend with confidence your services to any friends who may need a restoration. My sincere Thanks,

From: John
Terry, you force me to superlatives. Picked up the thoroughly packed piece at 8am CT, and examined it immediately. Beautiful. Got back home at 8:30. Set the time perfectly.

I am very, very pleased. You are highly organized. You are something America used to have, skilled craftsman.You are obviously a perfectionist.You are totally first class. Too soon to tell, but I think it's a new most accurate of my collection, followed by the Hamilton 992b Railway Special, the Wm. McKinley Hampden, and the Illinois RR Model 7 Stewart Special. You made my day!

From: David
I received my fathers watch yesterday and I could not believe my eyes. It was like looking at a brand new watch! The detail you administered in the Bulova restoration is incredible. Even the hands which were pretty pitted look brand new and shiny again. It is as if I were back in time and looking at a new 1956 Bulova 23 Jewel Automatic. This watch carries many memories for me and my mother. The look on her face when she saw it was priceless. I know she was taken back to a happy time when my father was proudly wearing the watch she presented him on their wedding day. I must say I was more than a little nervous sending my prize family possession through the mail across country, but your true professionalism in the whole process made me feel at ease. I really appreciate the emails during the restoration to keep me updated on the progress. Terry, you have made a customer for life! I know I cannot own this watch, but merely take care of it for the next generation.

From: Beth
I received my restored watch from the post office this morning and I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. It is beautiful, and even better, when I set the hands and wound it, it ticked to life so perfectly that I nearly cried. Thank you for allowing me to give such a beautiful gift this Christmas. I am blessed by your work! Merry Christmas!

From: Martha
Can I tell you how happy I am to have found your website and sent my watch to you?? You have an ethic from a time gone by. Bless you for all your great efforts. I appreciate your being true to your word. It was scary trusting a stranger to take care of my watch. I am DELIGHTED that I will get to wear it and enjoy it again. I have always taught my children it is better to trust and be wrong than not be able to trust. Thanks for being who you said you were!! Merry Christmas!

From: Judy
My watch arrived, in perfect shape and keeping time once again. Thank you for your service, particularly for your willingness to keep a running conversation with me throughout our transaction. I truly appreciated being kept up to date. Thanks for locating and installing the beautiful solid gold watch buckle. It's a marvelous addition. Again, thank you so much for the great service and for the extra historical information you passed along. Nineteen-thirty one! I wondered how old my wonderful watch was!

From: Susan
I picked up my watch at the post office today, and it looks WONDERFUL! I'm VERY pleased! Thanks so much for making my grandmother's watch so beautiful again, and in good working condition. Happy Holidays

From: Tom
My Waltham arrived yesterday. Everything is fine. The watch looks and runs great. I really appreciate your professional handwork and excellent customer service. Your feedback via email was always timely and informative. If you ever need a recommendation or reference, use my name. I am a satisfied customer.

From: Chris
I would encourage anyone faced with the same choices I had between various on-line watchmakers to consider my experience with my family's solid gold heirloom and choose wisely. Any watch worth investing money in for reconditioning is worth getting the best service money can buy. With the utmost confidence it is my pleasure to recommend your services to anyone who may need them. There is nothing sadder than a beautiful treasure sitting in a box un-enjoyed, when, for a small investment, generations to come can enjoy and use the timepiece once again.

I wear my watch with the greatest pride, feeling like a million dollars, just like my grandfather and father undoubtedly felt before me while they wore it many years ago. Thank you for helping me to continue this wonderful family tradition.

All that was needed was meticulous work by a remarkable craftsman to get this watch working and looking like the day it was purchased by my grandfather 50 years ago. I have no doubt that you did the best restoration possible for my family (at the exact price you quoted me) and while theoretically it may be that someone could have duplicated the work you did, no one could have possibly done better quality work. Perfect is just that, Perfect!

From: John, New York
I received the watch today I am very pleased with the out come; you performed a miracle restoration on my old battle scarred Longines. Your work is the best that I have ever seen.

From: Hello Terry
I am SPEECHLESS !! My beautiful gold chronograph wristwatch is healed! FANTASTIC... I almost cried. I can't find the words to express the joy I experienced. In apprectiation of heirloom watches and your respect for every customers watch and it's history, I think you will find the story and journey of the watch most interesting:
I grew up next door to a group of three Yugoslavian girls in the 1960's. Their father had a collection of old watches. Upon his death only one of the girls had an interest in the old watches. She eventually married in the early 1980s and let her husband select the watch he liked the best from the collection. He picked a circa 1940 Baume and Mercier solid yellow gold multi-function chronograph. He wore it proudly for many years. At the age of 40 he was stricken with a terminal brain tumor in 1993. This great man continued to wear the watch in his condition and upon losing his balance many times he cracked the glass and knocked off the crown. He passed away in 1995 at age 42. He is missed daily.

His widow, my old childhood neighbor and friend had a son that I started tutoring on the computer about photoshop and ebay in 2006. He became quite successful with what I taught him. His mother granted me this very special vintage watch in appreciation. I wanted more than anything to remember our friend by having restored, their family's special timepiece.

I left my broken watch with cracked glass and no crown with Tornneau Watch in November 2006. After many inquiries they mentioned that they sent it to an off premises repair shop somewhere. I had no reply for three months on its condition. Finally in February of 2007 they said they finally located the watch and deemed it unrepairable. The next step was to have them send it Switzerland for it's possible repair, I said no. (thanks, not included)

I completely gave up and found Terry Nelson quite by accident on the internet. At this point I would try anything. Terry Nelson was extremely professional and timely. He answered all questions very patiently and clearly. You can tell he takes great pride and joy in his work and brings a great healing energy to his customer's watches. In a very reasonable amount of time, the watch was completely restored LIKE NEW. He is a miracle worker. I look forward to a relationship with this man for many years to come and would recommend his services to all my friends and family, My highest praise to you Terry. Your the BEST.

From: Leo P., Nevada
Terry, My favorite Manhattan pocket has arrived, and beautifully packaged, dressed in sexy underwear! (Referring to the complimentary velvet storage bag, with tie strings). As I expected, it is running wonderfully, and will be the star of my Manhattan pocket watch collection. Warm Regards.

From: Doug
Thank you again, the watch is beautiful. I will view time go by on this dial as my father once did, until my time runs out and we meet again.

From: Kelly
I received my watch Thursday. It looks great! Thanks for your fine work! I've copied a friend of mine who's got a Rolex GMT in need of some TLC. I'm confident you'll provide him the same fine service you provided me.

From: Bill
The Vacheron was delivered yesterday, It looks fantastic. Thank you again

From: Joe
It is nice to have a job come within budget and producing such attractive looking results. I am looking forward to wearing my old friend again and will pass your name and contact information on to my son in the event some future service may be required after my need for the watch ends (hopefully not any time soon).

From: Dean
Terry, I am grateful for finding someone like you to do such work. I hope that in the next thirty years as I find the opportunity to give this watch to my son as my dad did with me, someone like you will be available to keep it running.

From: Rod
The watch arrived. It looks great, works well and feels robust. Thank you very much for your care and attention to detail. It is on it's way to Wm. S. Forcade's great-great grandson. Thanks again.

From: Dan
Received the Howard watch yesterday afternoon. Almost afraid to open the package. After never seeing this watch in operating condition it was a interesting feeling to be sure.

The crystal is so clear I had to look at it several times to believe it was there. Today I wound the watch and set the time. To see the second hand there and working with a very distinct tick,tick,tick is something I have never heard before with this watch. It would seem we have to get to know each other. I'm sure my Grandfather would be very happy to know his Howard Pocket Watch was once again "like new". I can see him sitting at his desk pulling the watch from his vest pocket and checking the time.

When my Grandfather received it, the watch was probably the finest thing he ever owned. The whole family was aware of this. This becomes a Family consciousness thing now. When the watch was broken (we don't speak of how this happened so I don't know this part) it was like wrecking the family car which affected everyone.

Thank you so much for the spiritual repair. I don't believe I will need to inform other members of my family but some harmony will be restored to their lives on an unconscious level because of your work. Many thanks!

From: Deborah
My watch arrived this morning. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am hearing impaired (wear hearing aids) so unfortunately, I can not hear that wonderful ticking. I had a friend listen for me and she had a huge smile on her face. You've been absolutely wonderful through this whole process and a great pleasure to work with you. I will be sure to refer you in the future. One of my good friends might have her Mom's watch to send you. Same situation but she's not sure if she still has it. She was so impressed with your work that she will be digging through her personal things to hopefully find it. Take care and thanks again!

From: Gary
The watch showed up today. It looks great and runs well. The dial looks better than I expected. I also like the new crown better than the old one. Thank you.

From: Jim
Hi Terry, the Jardur arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled with how it runs and looks. I am more than satisfied with your service and hope to find more treasure in the rough.

From: Skye
Thank you so much for my watches. My whole family fawned over each of them and were not disappointed in the least. We even got out the rest and talked about which ones to send. I will be talking to you later about this next job.

But now, I am enjoying my watches. I will be wearing them often and look forward to years of use. This has been a real dream of mine for years and I am so glad that you were able to help me to make it happen. This has truly been an all-around great experience, and I look forward to more dealings with you soon.

From: Peter
I just got the watch today, it was very emotional for me and my mother to see what you have done with this beautiful watch. It is stunning! I will definitely be back for business. Your talent and skill is first class.

From: John
The watch arrived safely yesterday and we are delighted. You have done a wonderful job in restoring the beauty of the watch as well as the functionality. My wife is very happy, as am I.

Laurie was somewhat (to say the least) skeptical about sending off the watch and the money into cyberspace. I wasn't. Your good character was evident to me right from the getgo in all of your correspondence. I'm glad that my trust in the basic goodness of human nature has been reinforced by the job you have done.

This whole experience has been like going back in time to the days before the throw away society. As I reread your emails, all of which I've saved, I appreciate all of the detailed explanations of the condition, history, rognosis, and rehab of the watch. One can't put a price on this kind of attention. You have set the customer service bar very high.

The watch is going to be a gift to our oldest child, Jessica. Her jewelery is platinum and white gold. It is gratifying to know that what was sitting unused in a drawer for so many years will now be used, enjoyed, and admired for years and hopefully generations to come.

With sincere appreciation for saving this heirloom from extinction!

From: Mark Brown
Terry- received the watch last weekend and have worn it all week. It is working great, running less than 15 seconds fast each day. It also definitely looks better with the new watch band (something I had planned to do once I knew it was fixed- thanks for saving me the effort). I’ll definitely use you again in the future and would heartily endorse you services to anyone who inquires about them. Great work!

From: Jeff Hubbard M.D.
They're here and look great.  M said, "Two new watches!" but they're probably better made than we'd get new today.Thanks so much for the prompt and skilful service. With best wishes.

From: Jeff
You will recall finishing Martha's Omega in quick time because we were going away. The trip was to a forensic science meeting which is held every three years in a different city, this year in Hong Kong. I was having lunch at the meeting one day, and the chap next to me said, "I see you have a very fine old watch." Turns out he is an antique watch collector. He has one Angelus, almost like mine, which he says is a Movement 215. He is a native of Hamburg, at the meeting because he is the China representative of a German lab apparatus company (Eppendorf), stationed in Shanghai. I told him the watch had just been restored and he said, "It's not easy to find someone to work on those, even in Germany." I told him it isn't easy in the States, either. Thought you may like to know that your work gets around, and is recognized by experts around the world!

From: Mike
Like I said before, We are really appreciative of all your effort in seeing the complete restoration of my Movado.  Thanks Again. Let me share with you a brief history of this Movado.

This Movado pocket watch was bought for $100.00 in Havana, Cuba during the summer of 1910 by my grandfather. He wore this watch only when going out or to attend functions.  I have a picture of him, formally dressed, porting the Movado on a vest being held by a gold chain.

In the 1920's my grandfather lent the Movado to his brother-in-law who went on a three-month trip to upstate New York State in the United State of America.

In the early 1930's my grandfather gifted it to my father for his 15th birthday.  My father continued to wear the Movado only for special occasions.  My father, in numerous occasions, advised me that the Movado, solid 18kt gold would be mine at the proper time.  He meant to gift it to me when I turn 15th.

However, with the change in government in 1959 we had to leave Cuba.  With the new regime, jewelry was not allowed to be taken out the country.  So my father arranged to have the Movado along with other valuable items to be buried at a specific location with the idea of some day going back and retrieve the items.

It was in the 1990's someone visiting the US from Cuba would go to the site and retrieve the prized jewelry. I don't  know what happened to the watch to be abused to the condition that it was.  I know that when it was buried it was in mint condition and when it was delivered to us in Miami it was beyond recognition.

For years I searched for someone to restore the Movado with no luck.  At times I would lose hope as time went by.

With this brief history, you can see that the Movado is priceless.  It is a true Alfonso heirloom.  Soon it will be handed to the next generation, my son.

Thank you Terry, I have no words to express the feeling and twinkling of appreciation and wonderment I feel for you. Best regards.

From: Calvin Henry, atty.
Received the watch yesterday and it looks great! Thanks for the beautiful job. It's running perfectly, Thanks again!

From: Robert Baldwin
What a wonderful restoration! It is hard to believe that is the same watch that I sent to you for repair. I really don't know what to say about you having to spend all the time on making the necessary parts by hand; I am very glad that you had the time, energy, and training to be able to hand-make the needed parts. The watch appears to be a work of beauty and craftsmanship--far different than what I sent to you. My undying thanks for taking the time and energy to restore this watch to working order.

Again, my sincere thanks for all your hard work and energy to restore this 1890's Seth Thomas pocket watch to working order

From: Steve Brown
I received the watch and I must say you did a great job. It's never looked so good! Thanks from the entire Brown Family. If I ever need more work like this done for myself or a friend, I know who to recommend. Hope you have a great Holiday and thanks again.

From: Gary Marsh
Thank you for the fine work. The turn around time was very fast. I can't say enough about the quality of your work. You will have all of my watch repair business in the future.

From: Scott, Santa Monica, Ca
Terry, Thanks so very much for repairing my collection. I look forward to going to work each morning again.

From: Albany, New York
Gosh, it looks great! SO glad that I (and my watch) found you. I put off the servicing of my Dad's watch way to long.

From: Mitch, New York, New York
Wow, the photograph of my watch is uplifting to get. NIce touch!

From: Don, Denver, Colorado
Terry I've tried for years to have this watch repaired, no luck anywhere. Your service is first rate and will be where I turn to every time in the future. Again, the care you gave my watch is mucho appreciated.

From: Rita, Oradell, New Jersery
It's looks SO GOOD! and runs so well. Not many things from the early 1900's that remain today look and run so well. Grandpa is overjoyed.

From: Tim, Schrewsbury, Ma.
Terry, I was simply stunned at how well this all went. Could be my best transaction of the year.

From: Bee, Toledo, Ohio
This old friend means quite a bit to me. I'm overjoyed at again looking down seeing in, though my eyes don't focus so well anymore.  Thanks again Terry.

From: Jennifer, San Jose, California
Thanks Terry for a rewarding experience. I was nervous, naturally about parting with my old Gruen. It's running perfectly.

From: Victoria, Long Beach, Ca.
Terry, Thankyou! I'm so glad we found you and that you're an honest man. Peace

From: Bob:
Just wanted to let you know that my 1955 Bulova wristwatch arrived on Saturday (Jan. 3rd). Thank you for making it look and run like new! Also, thank you for carefully packaging it for shipment and for the nice display box you sent with it. If I need repairs on any of my other watches, I will certainly contact you. Thanks again for the professionalism which you bring to your work.

From Mike:
Just a note to let you know that I received the Wyler on Saturday. I've been wearing it ever since, and it's been keeping time very well. I make a point of rolling up my shirt sleeves in the office to show it off, and I've received a number of comments. Turns out there are a number of people around here who like old watches. Thanks for doing a great job on my watch.

From Jerry:
Picked up my pocket watch Friday. You have done a WONDERFUL restoration. Thank You very much. There are no words to express my true gratification. You have earned my business. From now on, you shall be the only watchmaker to touch my timepieces. I have 5 other antique timepieces which may need work from time to time. Take care, God Bless, and may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Paul:
Of course, my hope is that this will be a treasured heirloom for many generations to come. You've played a vital part. At Thanksgiving, I'm sure the watch will be touched and enjoyed by more of my grandfather's descendants than on any other single day of its existence. Happy Holidays.

From Darryl:
Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safely here in Spokane. While I don't know exactly how good of watch this really is, it has sentimental value and somehow I feel humbled when I put in on in the morning. Thank you for your help in getting it operational once again.

From Mark:
The day my restored Kontiki arrived I slapped it on my wrist and the next day I left on a ten-day business trip. By the time I got home it just seemed "normal" for it to be there – where I saw it every day from 1968 to 1988 – and I forgot how extraordinary it is to be on my wrist in 2008! So I also forgot to get back to you. The watch looks brand new, and it keeps excellent time (I haven't reset it since it arrived), and the leather band you supplied is a nice wardrobe touch. I've been pleased to receive a couple of compliments on it, which gives me a chance to tell the whole story. Thanks for your craftsmanship and your diligence and – hope this doesn't sound corny – your evident affection for these old but wonderful timepieces.

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