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Antique Hamilton watch, before and after repair
Antique Bulova watch, before and after repair

Vintage and Mechanical Watch Dial Refinishing Services

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Moisture and exposure to ultra violet light has a degrading effect on antique watch dials over time. Often, the resulting patina is attractive and makes a vintage wrist watch look authentically vintage. Other times uneven blemishing and water damage can leave a dial in a sorry state. Regardless of the degree of decay that your watch dial exhibits, you've a few appearance enhancing options that I'd like to pass along to you. Keep in mind that every antique watch dial is unique in it's condition, needs and options for it's return to beauty- which I can be best determined by an in-hand and magnified examination.

For nearly 3 decades, I've focused on antique and high-grade mechanical watch repair and aim to provide my customers with a satisfying and guaranteed watch service of the highest order. When I receive a customers watch with a rare and handsome dial uniform in patina, I normally try to dissuade it's owner from having the dial refinished. Dials in this condition are rare and beautiful, yet I aim to provide the degree of service every customer desires. Based on the exact condition of your watch dial and your goals, I offer the following dial service and dial refinishing options:

In house acid bath dial cleaning process: This affordable process ($40) can return a number of wrist watch dial types back to a much crisper and cleaner appearance - designed for watches that don't have a great degree of dial surface decay. This in-house service won't replace missing numerals or eroded minute tracks or other painted items such as watch brands and logos once appearing on the dial. Once a dial is exposed to our acid based cleaning solution, there isn't a way to reverse it's cleaning performance nor return it to state prior to such a cleaning. Porcelain dials or black dials don't benefit from this approach. Dials that have degraded too significantly don't often benefit from this service. If the current condition of your watches dial is too degraded to benefit from this abbreviated yet impressive service, than a professional dial refinish will be your only option to return it to it's sharp and clean original beauty.

Antique Bulova watch, before and after repair

Professional dial refinishing service:

This highly specialized service is designed to bring about the highest quality dial restoration result available – for all recognized American and Swiss brands. It's normally a 5 week process than can cost between $125 and $200.

When we've determined that your watch dial is a good candidate for such an approach, I'll remove your dial and submit it to a skilled artisan who specializes exclusively in this aspect of watch restoration. The process will see to it's full stripping and removal of hour markers and applied numerals - and uniquely rebuilt it by using authentic factory supplied dies in a multi-step process that returns your watches dial back to it's top appearance. It's a long and labor intensive process and one that is nothing short of breathtaking. This watch dial restoration - as part of the overall servicing and repair of your watch can make a 70-plus year old watch look new again. It's a stunning transformation. Expect a professionally restored dial to look crisp and impressive for 40 years or more.

Returning a tired looking dial back to it's original appearance is the most requested type of watch dial restoration request I receive. I should mention that any dial that I receive for such work can be refinished in a number of different ways however. Watch dials that were originally silver in color can be refinished, for instance in black. Luminous dots can be added to a dial that originally had none. Fraternal organization logos can be painted to exacting specifications. The variations and options that are available in the process of restoring a watch dial are numerous and nearly unlimited and only for those who choose not to have their dial refinished to original factory specifications.

I'd be happy to receive a photo of your watch in it's current state. It'll allow me to pass along impressions and options for a variety of approaches designed to bring out it's hidden beauty. Contact

Prices for antique and vintage wrist watch dial restoration and refinishing:

Standard wrist watch metal dial - $300 (as original)
Luminous figures dial - $320
Diamond dial restoration - $400
Chronograph dial - $450 and up
High-grade: Rolex, Patek, Vacheron, Omega, etc. - $550 and up

Additional dial restoration services provided:

Removal, reinstallation of applied metallic numerals - $35
Dial foot replacement (method of attaching a dial to it's movement) - $60
Luminous dots at hour markers - $50
Two tone dial solution charge - $70
Second bit, sweep, 24 hour, dial calendar - $70
Finishes available:

Silver satin, Gold satin, Pink matte, Light Grey Matte, Silver Matte, Gold Matte, Pink Pearl Light Grey Pearl, Silver Pearl, Gold Pearl, Black Matte, Dark Grey Enamel, Blue Enamel

All dials are refinished as close to original as is possible. "Swiss" and "Swiss Made" is printed upon request. We can never add or change manufacture names.

1967 Eternamatic KonTiki 20, with a black enamel professional dial refinish
1967 Eternamatic KonTiki 20, with a black enamel professional dial refinish
Vacheron & Constantin with a silvered professional dial refinish
Vacheron & Constantin with a silvered professional dial refinish.
Gruen Precision Veri-thin with a professional pink 24 hour dial refinish
Gruen Precision Veri-thin, with a professional pink 24 hour dial refinish.
Longines automatic calendar with a professional dial refinish in grey enamel
Longines automatic calendar, with a professional dial refinish in grey enamel.
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