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Columbus Pocket Watch Repair

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"I received the watch and it looks great. It's unbelievable to hear it tick and to be able to wind it, because I never thought I would see it functioning again. I plan on gifting it to my Mother, as it was her Father's. She has no idea, so should make quite a nice surprise."

Columbus Watch Company pocket watches are very fine instruments. So fine, that after a more than a hundred years or more of use, they can be expertly restored to perform dependably again. I specialize in this work and am happy to learn more about your Columbus pocket watch and it's current condition so that I can pass along a close estimation of it's repair needs and servicing costs. While I live and work in Portland Oregon, a vast majority of the timepieces that I restore are sent to me from throughout the United States and Canada. I use only the most secure method of shipment available today - USPS Registered / Insured Mail services. Never has any customers watch been lost, damaged or stolen. -It's that safe. My services are guaranteed and exacting. Learn more about how we can work together on your heirloom Columbus pocket watch below.

The Columbus Watch Co. is the outgrowth of the Columbus Watch Mfg. co. of Columbus, Ohio, which began in 1876 as a private enterprise. It's founders: Mr. D. Gruen and Mr. W.J. Savage began under the name of, "Gruen and Savage". Together they imported partially finished nickel movements from Switzerland in 8, 16 and 18 size to fit American made cases and finished and engraved them with their own name. This continued until Nov. 8th, 1882 when the organization of the new company was focused on manufacturing watches in America, to American standards. Mr. Gruen was elected President and Mr. Savage - Secretary and Treasurer. Charles E. Mason was elected General Superintendent and Mr. P.H. Wheeler and MR. W.W. Owen as Division Superintendents.
 watch dial refiningshing
In November of 1881, Mr. Savage and Mr. Gruen purchased 1.5 acres of land located at the corner of New and Thurman St. in Columbus and soon erected a brick building 23 by 80 ft. and 2 stories high- which was to become their manufacturing center. Immediately afterwards, a second building was erected and completed in 1883 which was 35' by 95' which was three stories made of brick. The availability and their purchase of watch part manufacturing machinery allowed the Columbus Watch company to begin successful production quickly. The American Watch Tool Company offered such machinery, of which Columbus purchased $10,000 of. In 1884 they began making their own pocket watch dials yet they never made their cases.

The first Columbus watch movement model that was made was designed by Gruen and Mason and featured a design that allowed the mainspring barrel to be removed without first removing the balance wheel assembly. This made for easier future mainspring replacement. The company focused primarily on 18 size movements. Females comprised about 1/2 of the company's 125 employees. Great efficiency, refined designs and teamwork best described the small factory of the Columbus Watch Company which created such patented designs as the pocket watch case dust band, a special micro-metric regulator and stem winding design. They initially purchased for use, hairsprings, mainsprings and jewels from foreign sources. The officers of the Columbus remained with exception of Mr C.E. Mason, who severed his connection with the company in the spring of 1884. The Columbus Watch company was later known as the New Columbus Watch co. after reorganization. In 1903 after many years of success making fine timepieces, they sold to the South Bend Watch company of South Bend Indiana. Soon after this sale, 3/4 of their 150 employees relocated to South Bend where unfinished movements were completed and the South Bend designs then began.

Columbus Watch Company movement serial number manufacturing dates:

1901= 383,000
Other unique serial numbers:

Swiss made pocket watches from 1874 to 1883
18 size in 7, 11 15 and 16 jewels, 16 size in 11, 15, and 16 jewels, 14 size in 16J, 9 size in 15J, and 8 size in 11 & 15J

Full plate Model 1 in 18 size and transitional
18 size in in 11J, 13J, 15J and 16 jewel count

Full plate Models 18 size in pre 1894 manufacturing
Grade 90, Grade 20, Grade 92, Grade 22, Grade 64, Grade 24, Grade 63, Grade 23, Grade 95, Grade 34, Grade 97, Grade 27, Grade 98, Grade 28, Grade 99, Grade 18, Grade 10, Grade 9, Grade 3, Grade4, Grade5, Grade7, Grade 6, Grade 204, Grade 203, Grade 1, Grade 2.

18 size full plate named models:
American watch club, Burlington Route, Champion, Columbus King, Jackson Park, Jay Gould, North Star, New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad, Railway, The President, Railroad Regulator

16 size Columbus movement of various plate designs:
Railway King, New Columbus Watch Co. Railway King Special, Railway Monarch, Railway Time Service, The Menlo Park, The Railroader, The Star, Time King, US Army, and the Columbus Ruby model. Other 16 size grades: Grade 80, Grade 40, Grade 81, Grade 41, Grade 83, Grade 43, Grade 84, Grade 44, Grade 86, Grade 87, Grade 47, Grade 14, Grade 13, Grade 88, Grade 48, Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 102, Grade 101, Grade 103, Grade 104, Grade 57, and Grade 100.

I hope that your visit the this Columbus pocket watch restoration and repair page has been helpful to you in learning more about your heirloom Columbus pocket watch. Please visit my antique pocket watch service page to learn more about the proven and safe process that I've used for decades to bring about guaranteed results. I look forward to communicating with you very soon. Until then... all the best. Terry Nelson, watchmaker.

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